Stop emotional eating once and for all with the 14 Day Reset Challenge!

Not ready to commit to the full 90 Day challenge yet? Then the 14 Day Reset might be right for you.

Emotional eating

Do you feel powerless over food?

Do you wish you could say NO to sugar cravings, restriction and binge eating?

Do you look to food for comfort when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed?

Are Ben & Jerry always there for you when you're feeling down?

Do you own a sweat-shirt that says: ,Chocolate doesn't ask, chocolate understands.'? (I really did! In fact, I still do, but I don' wear it anymore)

You are not alone!

What if I told you that 36% of the population report over-eating in stressful situations?

You don't really give a **** because statistics won't change your behavior?

You're right! But changing your mindset and your relationship with food will!



The WildFit 90-Day Challenge was designed to do exactly that.

And the biggest shifts happen in the first 14 days.

It's in the first two weeks of the program that participants experience mind-blowing realisations about behaviors and patterns they have struggled with for years.

They realise how their efforts to lose weight actually increased their emotional eating.


If you can relate; if you wonder if losing weight or sticking to a healthy diet consistently is always going to  feel this hard and restrictive, the 14-day reset is right for you!

And here is the most exciting part!

For the first and possibly ONLY time ever, you will get a chance go through the first two weeks of the 90-day challenge to get to know the WildFit method and most importantly, to get started on the path of food freedom and optimal health with me supporting you in an intimate small group setting, plus collective larger group coaching calls with like-minded people from all over the world led by WildFit founder Eric Edmeades and/ or longtime WildFit master coach Ariel Richards.

Get started today!

Get the FIRST 14 DAYS of the 90 Day WildFit Challenge for only € 27,-. The next 14-Day reset program starts on the 8th of June. Sign up now and take the first step towards a life free of food cravings!

You will get:

The WildFit Video Training Program

Through over ten in-depth videos, WildFit founder Eric Edmeades will walk you through the food mindset and lifestyle changes at the core of the WildFit philosophy.


Weekly LIVE coaching sessions with me as your Certified WildFit Coach + 2 calls/week with Eric and/or Ariel.

Every week, you’ll join a live real-time video coaching session via zoom where you’ll receive direct support, encouragement and feedback.


Recordings of all coaching sessions

The recordings will come in handy if you have to miss any of the live coaching sessions. Re-watch them as often as you have access to the private Facebook community.


If you choose to upgrade to the full 90 Day Challenge, you will continue to have coaching sessions with me as well as with Eric and Ariel on a weekly basis!


You will receive the tools and gain the awareness you need to reclaim your power over food once and for all. At the end of the 14 days you will understand why your previous strategies weren't working.

When you think about emotional eating, the word fun may not be the first to come to mind, but I promise you we'll have some laughs, too.

And don't worry, there is no special food to buy. In fact, you can even keep dating Ben and Jerry! In fact you really shouldn't break up with either one of them.

You will understand why and it will all make sense as you go through the program.

Reset your relationship with food!

Experience the first 14 days of the WildFit 90-Day Challenge for only 27 EUR

The next challenge starts on June 8th, 2020


Only 27 EUR


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