If you are wondering if WildFit is a good fit for you, here are some answers to the most common questions:

Q: Is WildFit suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

A: Yes, you can definitely still do WildFit and experience the various health benefits that come with it. But just keep in mind that the WildFit approach will recommend certain animal-based foods at certain parts of the 90-day challenge, which you can substitute with other plant-based foods that align with your dietary choices.

Q: Will I be hungry during the 90-day challenge?

A: No! At no point during the challenge should you ever let yourself get hungry.

Q: What if I suffer from food allergies? Can WildFit help?

A: Please consult with your doctor before starting WildFit. That said, WildFit promotes variety which means that you should have no problem avoiding the foods you are allergic to. As your body starts to communicate more honestly with you, you may even find that you had linked your allergies and inflammation to the wrong foods.

Although we cannot guarantee that this will be the case for you, you will certainly learn to listen to the messages your body sends you and acquire more knowledge on how certain foods impact your health and wellbeing.

Q: Do I have to exercise to get results?

A: No! We believe that exercise is not the path to health, it is the path to improved health. Before you start an exercise regimen, your nutrition should be in place to allow the body to regenerate and adapt.

That said, as you go along your energy levels will increase and you might find yourself wanting to move more. 'Intentional movement' meaning increasing your steps throughout the day by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or going for a nice walk is encouraged.

Q: Do I need to buy supplements?

A: No, WildFit promotes a huge variety of natural high quality foods that will provide your body with everything it needs.

Q: What if I miss one of the live calls?

A: Don't worry, all live coaching calls are being recorded. You will receive a link to access the recording within a couple of hours.