Unser Ansatz

I have spend most of my life in the health and fitness industry. As a Certified Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer as well as teaching group fitness classes I have had the opportunity to coach many clients before becoming a chiropractic assistant where I acquired more knowledge about well-being and the prevention of dis-ease.

Running a pole dance studio and teaching six days a week on top of training has taught me the importance of a balanced diet for peak performance and optimal well-being but yet I found it difficult to stick to a healthy diet consistently... until I came across WildFit.

Doing the WildFit challenge changed my relationship with food. For the first time since my teenage years have I experienced food freedom, broken my sugar addiction and effortlessly implemented a lifestyle which supports my goals, peak performance and optimal health.

Now, I am excited to share the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy relationship with you with you. Whether you want to take part in the WildFit challenge or you want someone to work with you individually, I look forward to supporting you on your journey to a vibrant new you.

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